Barrier Games

Barrier games are a simple way to give children a reason to use instructional language effectively.
  • Children have to work together and use language to complete the task.
  • A screen is placed between two students.
  • Speakers have to learn to give clear instructions and descriptions using specific vocabulary.
  • Listeners have to monitor information and ask appropriate questions to clarify understanding. Remove the barrier at the end of the game to compare and discuss results.
Create your own barrier games to support the themes covered in your language classes.


Demonstration Video

Subarctic Animals

Outdoor Places

Demonstration Video

Fall Barrier Game Drawings.jpg

Body Parts and Verb "to dress" or "put"

Demonstration Video

Arctic Animals

Arctic Outdoor Places.jpg

Arctic Outdoor Places

Demonstration Video

To play this Barrier Game the teacher will need to print two copies of the game, then cut out and laminate each individual part.
Students will need to give directions for where to put each object. For example, "put the fish jumping out of the water. Put the moose in front of the tent."

Fall Barrier Game

Demonstration Video

Hunting Around Template

Hunting Around  Vocabulary Template

Hunting Around Chipewyan

Hunting Around Chipewyan Vocabulary

Hunting Around cree

Hunting Around South Slavey

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