Our Languages 10 Teacher Guide

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Course Outline


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Indigenous language instruction in high school will be based on the Our Languages curriculum. Most of the students would have had several years of language classes. However, they may still be at an Emergent or Beginner level. The goal is that by the end of the semester (or year) of OLC-10, they will be at an Intermediate level. 

Entrance At Any Level
Students can enter OLC-10 at any level and must meet the minimum requirements as assessed by the teacher to pass the course. 

Minimum Requirements to move to OLC-20
Students must successfully pass OLC-10 and obtain a 14 on the Oral Proficiency Assessment scale to register into OLC-20.  If students pass the course but do not obtain 14 on the OPA, they will be given three credits named OLC-10a.  They will be encouraged to take a second course at the grade 10 level called OLC-10b.