Wordless Walk to Tuk

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Wordless books allow for the freedom to have lots of language used with the same book.  Use the images to have conversations with your students.
  • Reinforce the verb ‘to walk’ for when they go as a class on Walk to Talk. Question: Where did you walk?
  • On the walk you can also ask, What do you see?
  • Students can state what they see on each page of the book such as, Yellow hat, winter boots, red mitts etc. I see the church, I see the store  These same sentences could then be used when they walk around town.
  • There is also a dog in almost EVERY page…you can also ask, Where is the dog? When you read through the book.
If you need some specific ideas there are three suggested ways you could ‘read’ this book described in the word document below.  They are leveled all within Beginner.  If students are able to read at this level imagine that the book images had happened ‘yesterday’ to reinforce the same language in the past tense. 

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Leveled ideas