Rabbit Snaring

To help learners be ready to go out rabbit snaring using as much language as possible here are some ideas for using the images provided.

Language Blocks:
  1. Print a copy of the images provided. If you want to differentiate the nouns and verbs you can print then out on different coloured paper. 
  2. If need be, print a copy of the chart below that has a table with what the pictures could be in English – adapt to what makes sense in your language.
  3. Use the language blocks to reinforce the nouns and verbs. 
Listening and Sequencing: 
  1. Print a copy of the images and hand out several images to each student. 
  2. In your language say something about going out snaring. The following is just a suggestion. Say what makes sense in your language, but try to use some of the pictures provided.
"Today I’m going to set a snare. I’ll pack my sled. I skidoo to the trail. I see rabbit tracks by the willows. I set a snare. I trapped one rabbit in the snare. I paid the land to say thanks for the rabbit. I used a knife to cut the hide. My Grannie will make mitts with the fur. I had a cup of tea and enjoyed the land. My Mom will make rabbit soup. It’s delicious."
  3. Tell them that you are going to tell them a short story and they need to hold pictures up
      when they hear the words in the story.
  4. Ask children to swap images and tell the story again, perhaps this time saying different
  5. As students become more comfortable, print a copy of all the images for each learner or
      pair of learners.
  6. Tell a snaring story and have them sequence the images as they hear the words.  They
      should be able to recognize all the words from the pictures.
Other ideas:
  1. Use puppets and gestures in the story too – a rabbit hops, a trapper snares.
  2. Ask students to tell a story about snaring rabbits. See if they can reach a goal of at least 5 complete sentences. Example below is for a Beginner level:
"I saw rabbit tracks in the willows. I set a snare. I got a rabbit. I made rabbit soup. I like rabbit soup. Do you?"
Rabbit snaring pictures.jpg

Language Blocks

Microsoft Word - Rabbit Snaring nouns an

Nouns and Verbs

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